Clandestine theater

Every month we change show and space. Make your reservation online and our linkman  will contact you to indicate the place and time of the expedition. On the Xth day, fifteen minutes before the established time, our contact will pick you up at the bar of one of our collaborators. The event will take place in a clandestine flat of Madrid (center and surroundings) ... When opening its doors a quiet and cozy home will become the host of a haunting circus-cabaret with artists of other times.( Refrain from coming the mediums and seers)  ... Live music, both shocking and funny numbers, await you in our enigmatic world. At the end of the tour we invite you to a wine or a cocktail, depending on the time and place we are in ... But rest assured ... our picaresque has no limits when it comes to jumping the dry law...

Online reservation

Book your session in time. We will confirm your reservation via email.